New prep shed – construction

Starting construction of our new prep shed began with finalizing the design and milling the lumber. I intended to build this solely from on-farm lumber, purchasing only hardware and roofing panels. We have so many good, solid cedars available for use, and it would be so much cheaper and easier to use our own lumber. Plus, this way I can get just the dimensions and lengths I want (I have lots of nice, long 18′ beams to support the rafters, for example). Below you see the freshly milled lumber pile awaiting use near the final site:

First, however, I had to pour the foundation footings, which took quite a while to complete due to weather and other work requirements. We laid out the site and drilled the nine foundation holes with our auger, then poured concrete footings with rebar in place. We then filled the holes to ground level and inserted anchor bolts, to which posts could be nailed using appropriate hardware. It kept raining or freezing as I was trying to get this done, which delayed the project many weeks. Finally the foundations were ready.

Next, we raised the nine posts and braced them in place before beginning to install the framing and rafters for the second floor. As of the first weekend in May, this is where the structure stands:

It’s ready for upper rafters and then the roofing panels. Once the roof is on, we can begin to use it for storage and packing even before I get the walls on. We just can’t wait to get this done; our production this year is already overwhelming the kitchen and this shed will be far cleaner, more efficient, and just all-around better. My original goal for completion was end of April, and I now expect to have it done by mid-May. Not too far off, and not a minute too soon.

It’s already a really neat-looking building, with the all-cedar framing. It ought to be incredibly solid, as we milled all the lumber to true dimension (actual 2x4s instead of store-bought 1.5×3.5s, for example) and are using many full-length beams for greater strength. Already, the view from the second floor is a great platform for panoramic photos of the market garden (look for those soon).
I’ll post again on this when it’s completed.

2 thoughts on “New prep shed – construction

  1. Great job with the shed! I like how you are using your own timber for it. Our house is less than 5 years old, and we have leftover pieces of lumber stacked in the garage. Instead of getting rid of it, we’ve decided to build some boxes to store root vegetables this winter.