Market plans, May 9

Market this week will once again be about the same as last week, dominated by heirloom radish mixes, green onions, herbs, chives, and spring lettuce mix. I’d started by selling lettuce mix loose so customers could bag just what they wanted, but have found that far more people prefer it prebagged in a set amount. My mind doesn’t work that way, but if that’s how the customer wants it, that’s how we’ll do it! The radishes continue to be a major draw; no one else does a blend like it, and they’re young and tasty. Diversity is a good thing in all parts of agriculture. One new item this week will be some small head lettuce; several neat heirloom varieties that form compact heads that are very attractive and just right for single salads. Easier for us to manage than loose-cut leaf lettuce, too. UPDATE: We revisited those heads this morning and decided to leave them another week; still a bit small for their potential…

For those interested in where the current sales are coming from, here’s a panoramic view from the second floor of the new prep shed. This is the market garden where we grow spring items in intensively-managed raised beds. Radishes are in the middle-left block, lettuces above and to right of them, garlic and onions in foreground and background. Herbs come from the herb beds up near the house. Other beds are preparing to have summer items transplanted into them, and we’re close to seeding lots of things out in the main field for summer growth.

One thought on “Market plans, May 9

  1. I really enjoyed the lettuce mix I got from you last week and plan on getting more tomorrow at the market. Also, saw your comment on Ethicurean. Well composed list. It was of great interest to someone like myself who is interested in making local food more available but not necessarily farming. As always, thanks for your time.-Nick