Market plans, May 30

Our young head lettuces were popular last week, and we’ll have more of many varieties. We really like offering smaller, younger heads for sale; I’ve had multiple customers observe that they like the option to buy smaller items, whether for reasons of economy or serving size. Given that head lettuces are far easier for us to harvest, clean, and bring to market, we charge less for them than loose-leaf mix. This means you can assemble a really nice lettuce mix yourself just by buying a few of our small heads of different types and shredding them at home.

We’ll have a few new products this week, particularly garlic scapes. These are a fantastic side effect of growing hardneck garlic; about a month before the bulbs fully form, the plants send up a narrow seed stalk. If you harvest it at just the right time, it produces a long, tubular stem with a wonderful fresh garlic flavor that is simply unmatched by any other product. Our first batch of these are ready and will be available; I strongly urge readers to try them.

Peas are really close, and it will be a last-minute decision whether we’ll have them for sale this week. A sunny day Friday may push them fast enough to be ready. Probably a few pints of the earliest ones, with more coming on strong.

We’ll also have one more batch of our nice saute mix from last week, including baby kale, baby tat soi, pea shoots, beet greens, and so on.

Finally, we’ll have the last round of radish harvest until fall. If you’ve enjoyed our young heirloom mixes, this is the last chance to get them.

5 thoughts on “Market plans, May 30

  1. Wow, you have peas already? Did you plant them under some protected cover early this spring? We have to re-plant our peas and carrots; either the upper garden washed out with the torrential rains we got after we planted, or the extra cool nights caused them not to germinate. Whichever it was, we only have a couple of pea plants, a few carrots and ONE cucumber that came up! I’ve heard of garlic scapes, but have never tried them, they sound good. I wish I could get up to the market this weekend, sounds like there will be a lot of good stuff!

  2. I’ve seen your lettuces, they are gorgeous! We have a CSA through Danjo Farms and he has been supplying us with lots of lettuce lately.These garlic scrapes, do you use them just as you would regular garlic?Will the peas be around for long? I am going to be unable to make it to market this weekend and don’t want to miss out on them completely!

  3. Scapes are so great. We harvested ours a while ago, before all our greens came in, and they were a perfect addition to pasta or salads. I used them, chopped, in place of garlic in a caesar dressing, and it was awesome.

  4. We didn’t do anything special with the peas; they’re pretty tolerant of cool conditions. They went out in late March. We pre-sprouted some indoors, which seemed to work pretty well. We’re trying that with some pole beans as well. Scapes are a very short-term seasonal item. They all come on within a week or so and then they’re gone until next year. We should have them again next week but that will be it. You use them like fresh garlic or chives; they’re best chopped and lightly cooked, as with stir fries, eggs, soup toppings, salads, etc. They’re probably wasted on deep/long cooking like stews.We’re not going to have a lot of peas regardless; we only did a couple beds this year and can eat a lot. I think tomorrow we’ll have just a few pints, more at the Wednesday market, and more next week. Same for scapes, actually; I think we’ll bring some to Wednesday.KBO,You harvested your scapes a while ago? How early did you put your garlic in last fall? We put ours in earlier than anyone else at market but still don’t get scapes until late May every year.

  5. Oh, yes, scapes also make a fantastic pesto. They’re so green and rich that blending them up results in a really fresh-tasting spring pesto.