Market plans, May 23

This will probably be the last crop of our radish mixes this spring. We have one bed left to go, and they are maturing fast in this warm weather. Otherwise we’ll be sticking with the familiar blend of weeks past, with various lettuces, herbs, and so on.

One new item will be some very nice saute/braising mix, composed of various baby greens such as kale, arugula, tat soi, beet greens, and more. These are perfect for cooking lightly in a sauce/oil of your choosing and serving over pasta or as a side with meat. They also make a good stir fry with sliced radishes.

2 thoughts on “Market plans, May 23

  1. Hey there!Wanted to let you to know, I really appreciate all the work you put into this blog–it is great stuff! I am a second year at Beloit and last year noticed your wedding announcement in the school´s magazine. My attention was piqued when I saw that you had a farm close to Columbia, MO. (I was born in Columbia and call Sedalia home.)Regardless, your blog consistently leaves me longing for Missouri and is one of the many factors pulling me towards the farm life. I´m in Ecuador at the moment–I´ve been studying for the past four and a half months and am now spending a month on a farm before I head back to the Midwest. Free time this summer is little, but I should be able to make it up to Columbia at least one Saturday morning before heading back to Beloit. Hopefully will run into you someday at the market!