Market plans, May 16

Radish mixes, lettuce, and herbs will again anchor our market stand this week. Green onions are done for now, but we’ll have catnip, tarragon, 3 mints, chives, and more. Loose-leaf lettuce will be available, though we’ll have a larger selection of head lettuces this week (see below for a few varieties). The weather looks rough for Friday, but clear for Saturday, so hopefully we’ll have a good crowd again.

I’ve heard several market vendors comment that though crowds are up this year, purchasing seems a bit down. May be the combined effect of economic concerns and lots of new folks coming to the market for the first time, testing the waters but not committed shoppers yet. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of “window shoppers” passing through, but leaving without much product, which I can judge because I’m right at the main entrance. It makes sense; farmers markets and local foods are really being trumpeted by just about every media source now, but that doesn’t instantly translate to the somewhat different shopping, cooking, and eating habits that relate to significant consumption of local foods in a given household.

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