Market garden update

After yesterday’s long post about the big field, here’s the latest view of the market garden. Peas and garlic scapes are forming, and we expect to have the latter at market next Saturday. Pole beans are starting in the upper left corner, as are zucchini under the row cover in right-center. Beets are still taking forever, while the later lettuce heads are in their final growth in various beds. Sweet potatoes will be soon be going in the four radish beds at center-left.

We’re battling a frustrating fungus on our tomato and pepper starts, which resembles the common damping-off disease but is far more persistant and less responsive to normal measures. We resorted to direct-seeding some tomatoes recently just to make sure we had a backup if too many starts die. But we hope to have many of the farther beds in the photo above full of tomatoes and peppers by mid-late summer.

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