Updated planting plans

As part of organic certification, we had to submit a list of every variety we planned to grow, along with its seed source and maps of where it would be grown. This was something we already did, as we liked having lists and maps on our website to show customers where and how things were being done.

This year, our site has been somewhat neglected. I finally got around to updating our Growing Information page with this year’s information, which some readers and customers might find interesting. Under Planting Plans, you can see maps of our market garden and field with their intended crops for this year (click on the smaller images to load large ones). Under Produce Varieties, you can scan a list of every item we’ll be growing this year. Not all of these are for sale, some are for our consumption and some are just tests for possible use in future. But they’re all being grown, contributing to the diversity of the farm. Last year I provided links from each variety to the seed source’s online listing, but I don’t have time to do that for 199 varieties this year.

Hope features like this are of interest.

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