The kids arrive

Garlic finally kidded this evening, after leading us on since Sunday with a series of false alarms and indications that she was ready without actually taking the plunge. As it turned out, she gave us almost no warning. We’d been down nearby all day, working on rebuilding the southern half of the paddock fencing, and when we went in to make dinner around 6 she was showing no particular signs of anything changing. A little while later, Joanna was outside working in the herbs when she heard Garlic hollering, and we both charged down just in time to see kid #1 appear. #2 arrived just a few minutes later.

This is #1, who arrived kicking and ready to go. He was energetic from the first minute.

#2 took a little longer to deliver, and showed up pretty exhausted. He just lay around for a while, but is now catching up to his brother. They’ve both started nursing and trying to stand up, and I think by tomorrow they’ll be on their feet.
Their father is a Boer buck from Goatsbeard Farm, and they very much carry the Boer genetics (the brown head, white body, and head shape are very Boer). We were mildly hoping for a doe in the mix, whom we would have kept for breeding future meat animals, but these fellows will do just fine. Both seem quite healthy so far, and Garlic has accepted both. So all seems to be well.
Now we just have an incredible time sink on our hands during a very busy part of the year. How can we not just go watch these little guys play instead of getting work done?

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