Random animal photos

Sometimes I just need to step back and view the blog from the reader’s point of view; what aspects of the farm just don’t make it through my lens? With that in mind, here are a few gratuitous cute animal shots:

One of our black Ameraucana hens enjoying her nest box. Look closely; I love the cheek feathers on this lady.

Toulouse geese on range, the source of delicious eggs and hopefully goslings. They also taste very good roasted. The fellow in the sunlight is the dominant gander, with his mate behind him. In the background is our other mated pair.

Gloria, our resident nun-goat. She hasn’t shown an interest in breeding in her life, much less actually born any kids. She’s currently kept around as company for our useful goat (see below) and for more pasture control until we start expanding the herd next year. Shown here doing her job, eating brush.
Garlic, our main dairy goat and source of milk and kids for this year. She’s due in mid-April, after which we’ll start having fresh dairy again as well as (probably) a couple cute and tasty kids.
We’ll be adding more chickens this summer, as well as five test turkeys. Look for hogs, sheep, and more poultry down the road.

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