Popular items at Market, April

The most popular items so far at market have been our spring radish mixes and spring lettuce mix. I can’t bring enough of these; I have people who remembered the radishes from last spring coming up excited to see them back again, and I’ve had several repeat customers tell me the lettuce is some of the best they’ve ever had. Can’t argue with that feedback.

We’re really proud of the radish mixes. They’re a blend of six different heirloom radishes, all with different colors and flavors. We harvest them young, when they’re sweeter and tastier. Too many folks let radishes get really big, thinking size is better, but they get woody, tough, and strong then. Young and tender is far better, in our opinion. Also, selling as mixed bundles makes them more attractive and gives folks the option to try lots of varieties and get a really colorful salad or other dish. In the mixes are:

Cherry Belle (red)
Plum Purple (purple)
Helios (yellow)
Pink Beauty (pink)
White Hailstone (white)
Sparkler White Tip (red with a white tip)

Our lettuce is the result of plenty of work, as we grow it in open beds (no greenhouse) and mix 5-6 varieties of heirloom lettuces plus spinach. One of the keys to good lettuce, for us, is harvest method. We cut and pick the leaves directly into vats of cold water, which instantly chills the leaves and arrests any decay. Even leaving lettuce out in a basket for a few minutes on a warm day can start the wilting process, and take days or weeks off the shelf life. When you harvest directly into water, you keep it absolutely fresh with a better texture. We rinse it twice and keep it cold from the moment of harvest until market (though customers should still wash it before eating). This lettuce will last weeks in the fridge if you handle it properly and has a great texture. We intentionally chose our varieties to make an attractive mix of colors and textures:

Crisp Mint
Gold Rush
Rouge d’Hiver
Royal Oakleaf
Lollo di Vino
and more

You can see all of our planned produce varieties for the year on our website. Every few weeks I’ll keep highlighting different products as they come available.

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