Market plans, April 25

Last week’s bundles of heirloom radishes were a big hit, and we’ll have more this week. Also available will be spring lettuce mix, garlic & regular chives, herbs (mint & lemon balm), and more.
We may be done with goose eggs for the year, as the geese haven’t laid many this week. We’ve gotten about 30 off each layer so far, and Toulouse are reported to lay around 35-50 annually (geese only lay in spring, not year-round like chickens). For 1st-year birds, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re about done; their peak production is supposed to be years 2-5.
We’ve finished the overwintered bunching onions we’ve sold the last few weeks, and I’m not sure if the next round of onions is ready. We’ll make a decision Friday as to whether/what to harvest on the onion front.
We have many more beds of radishes, onions, lettuce, beets, and more coming on, so within a few weeks the stand will really begin to grow. I suspect this week’s stand will be a bit smaller, though, while the next round of plantings catches up after the past cool weather held them a bit dormant.

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