First sales of the year!

We’ve officially opened our sales season for the year, setting up a booth at Saturday’s Spring Roundup Community Day, sponsored by the Columbia Farmers Market. We don’t have too much product yet, especially as the last few weeks’ cold weather has slowed the growth of our lettuce, beets, radishes, and so on. But we had fresh goose eggs, blown goose eggs, and fresh chives & mint. We sold almost everything, and had quite a bit of interest in the eggs. If I could magically conjure up more geese, we’d be able to sell a lot more eggs. I already heard back from one customer who loved them. I also talked to a couple whose young son is allergic to chicken eggs, and who are desperate for a local source of non-chicken eggs (they currently drive to Jeff City to buy duck eggs). We don’t have enough eggs to supply their needs, but I told them I had a few contacts who might, and to check back with us next week at market. A good example of the failure of our national food system to provide diversity.

The primary purpose of the day, however, was informational. We’ve spent some time putting together a good market stand setup with useful information, and wanted to give potential customers a chance to learn about us and ask questions. That, after all, was part of the point of organizing this event in the first place. On the table ablove, you see lots of photos, plus two binders containing our organic paperwork, records, and the NOP standards. I want customers to understand what Organic means and why it matters to have the seal. There’s also a signup sheet for notification of future on-farm events.

We’ll be at the Saturday market starting this coming week. It’s going to be a little while yet before we have enough product to financially justify coming, but goose eggs and fresh herbs are popular, and I want to start establishing a presence and drawing in customers. Look for us there!

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