What We Eat: March IV

3/21/09 – 3/27/09: The end of March has marked the end of many preserved items we’ve been drawing from all winter. Okra, green beans, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and more are all very close to gone. We have lots of meat left, and are getting more eggs than we can eat (there are currently 15 goose eggs and 24 chickens eggs in the fridge). So our menus are naturally getting heavy on those items for now. Chives, spinach, and herbs are coming on nicely to provide some fresh flavors, and we’ll be getting to lettuce and radishes before too long. We’re also using a fair amount of bulk-purchased rice, beans, and other staples, as might be expected.

Still, even in this lean local food month, I think the point of this series is being made. It’s possible to eat a diverse, healthy, interesting without any real reliance on processed or out-of-season foods.

Saturday: Zucchini soup with rice (frozen from last summer); sandwich (homemade bread with cheese, homemade mustard, our fresh spinach, and more)

Sunday: Chinese-style 5-spice chicken (Pierpont chicken cooked in a homemade spice mix and broth); stir-fry (our green beans, onions; organic cashews, carrots; cooked with sauce from chicken)

Monday: Chicken adobo (Pierpont chicken marinated and cooked in Filipino sauce of vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, black pepper, and bay leaf); leftover fried rice from Sunday

Tuesday: pseudo-Asian chicken soup (broth from previous days’ chicken with orzo, dropped egg, and more)

Wednesday: Mideast extravaganza: Homemade pitas stuffed with spiced meat (our goat cubes with garlic & spices), chickpea sauce (organic chickpeas cooked with our tomatoes and spices), Goatsbeard feta, and our fresh spinach.

Thursday: Meat stew (our goat meat, onions, garlic, broth; organic carrots and beans)

Friday: Ate out with friends at House of Chow, an excellent Chinese restaurant in Columbia with a real chef and real food.

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