What We Eat: March III

3/14/09 – 3/20/09: Like last week, I’m reconstructing this from partial records, so apologies for missing ingredients. We’ve been hitting the eggs and meat hard, as that’s what we have in adundance now. The emergence of our over-wintered spinach has really helped balance the meals, with the first taste of fresh greenery offering promises of much to come. This may be the tightest time of year, but our menus are still deeply based in our own farm-raised food, with purchased carrots being the only real concession.

Saturday: Filipino marinated goat over rice (our meat marinated in a sweetened Adobo base, braised and served over rice) with shredded carrot salad (shredded organic carrots topped with Goatsbeard feta, apple cider vinegar, and capers)

Sunday: Goose-egg souffle (one of Joanna’s specialties, made especially rich and tasty with our goose eggs and local goat milk) with side of shredded carrot salad.

Monday: Spiced koftas with rice (our ground goat meat mixed with spices and our onion & egg, then sauteed as meatballs) plus side I can’t decipher in my handwriting

Tuesday: Pasta with creamy tomato sauce (organic pasta topped with fresh cream sauce from local goat milk and our tomatoes and herbs)

Wednesday: Stew (our goat meat, onions, garlic; local mixed beans; various spices) with homemade bread and cherry-blackberry-strawberry pie (filling from our preserved fruit, crust from local wheat flour)

Thursday: No idea.

Friday: Zucchini soup over rice (thawed from last summer, served over local rice) and creamy tomato soup (our tomatoes, local goat milk)

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