What We Eat: March II

3/7/09 – 3/13/09: These last few weeks I’ve kept terrible records of our meals, as spring is really pushing our working schedule and the notebook has gotten lost in the shuffle. I’m going to post these next few as completely as I can, to keep the series going. March is really the hungry month, as we run pretty low on preserved vegetables and start to get more reliant on meat for many dishes.

Saturday: No idea.

Sunday: Tasty stew (our goat meat, onions, broth, garlic; organic carrots, rice, and spices)

Monday: Quiche (our eggs, Goatsbeard cheese, other ingredients)

Tuesday: Roasted rosemary chicken (frozen chicken from Pierpont Farm stuffed with our rosemary); squash soup (our frozen squash; various spices)

Wednesday: Shredded chicken with salsa and beans (leftover chicken from Tuesday, with locally-made salsa and spiced black beans)

Thursday: Chicken pasta (organic pasta topped with a cream sauce, our dried tomatoes, and shredded leftover chicken); spinach salad (our fresh spinach); fresh-made bread

Friday: Goatburgers (our ground goat on homemade buns, topped with our cheese, fresh spinach, homemade mustard, red onions, and pickles)

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