What We Eat: March I

2/28/09 – 3/6/09: I don’t see any trend to report on in this week’s main meals, just the typical using what we have on hand. I haven’t addressed breakfasts in this series, so here’s a quick summary. Our morning meals tend to be combinations of the following: homemade granola with homemade yogurt and either raisins or thawed berries; oatmeal with sorghum & raisins; homemade yogurt with thawed berries and honey; our farm-specialty cornbread topped with honey or sorghum; other fresh-baked goods like scones or coffee cake; fried, boiled, or scrambed eggs (chicken and increasingly goose lately) and occasionally treats like Uprise pastries or Finnish pancake. Not a bad rotation, and one that keeps us going. On to the main meals:

Saturday: Main meal was lunch, as we had a crew of people over for our milling work and like to feed them well. Mexican-influenced spiced goat meat, similarly spiced black beans, served in fresh-made Missouri wheat tortillas with cheese and extras. Dinner was more like a typical lunch, with thawed zucchini soup & rice, and thawed Hoppin’ John (spiced black-eyed peas and rice)

Sunday: Leftover Hoppin’ John, meat, and beans from Saturday

Monday: Chicken pasta (our shredded chicken cooked in its broth, with our onions, dried green peppers, dried tomatoes; served over bulk organic pasta)

Tuesday: Fresh pizza (homemade dough topped with a mix of our dried tomatoes & green peppers, boiled eggs, onions, cheese, and more)

Wednesday: Asian-esque chicken soup (our chicken broth & meat with our green beans, onions, fresh mung bean sprouts, and dropped-in goose eggs; noodles and soy sauce)

Thursday: Spiced dal (organic red lentils cooked with many spices and our hot peppers, onions, green beans, and okra); South African-style marinated goat (our meat marinated & cooked in apple vinegar, our applesauce, onion, hot pepper; varied spices)

Friday: Leg of goat marinated and simmered in a Missouri red wine and juniper berry sauce, served over rice with side of lentils from Thursday.

2 thoughts on “What We Eat: March I

  1. I just started reading your blog but already addicted. I really look forward to purchasing your produce from the Farmer’s Market. I am trying to give myself a better education on local food as well as organic. Thank you for the run down on the advantages and disadvantages of CSAs. Sincerely,Nick Mustoe

  2. Thanks, Nick, we greatly appreciate that. We hope to start at the Market sometime in April, and will certainly use the blog to make that information available.Eric