What We Eat: February IV

2/21/09 – 2/27/09: I think I broke my own record for eating out this week. Being involved in both the Columbia Farmers Market board and the board running the fundraising campaign for the Farmers Market Pavilion means that I have regular meetings in Columbia on weekday evenings, and this week it was three in a row. I tend to eat out on nights like this because I am doing errands in town for the afternoon, though due to the regular lineup this week I was able to stay home on Wednesday long enough for dinner. Still, we had time for some tasty meals, including the succesful spread on Sunday and a really enjoyable “sloppy-Joe” style barbeque goat sandwich on Thursday.

Saturday: After a long day spent driving down to Morgan County to pick up some farm supplies, combining the trip with exploring the area, ate an early light dinner at Les Bourgeouis on the way home, followed by leftovers.

Sunday: Main meal today was the on-farm Southern feast for the Show Me Eats family. Read Scott’s review here. Had leftovers for dinner.

Monday: Ate dinner at Sycamore due to a Farmers Market Pavilion Campaign public event held there.

Tuesday: Eric in town for an SF&C board meeting, ate at Main Squeeze. Joanna made creamy tomato pasta (sauce of our tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs; plus local milk. Pasta bulk organic)

Wednesday: Chicken stew in a tomato/peanut sauce over rice (our fresh chicken thighs, legs, and wings, cooked in our tomatoes, onion, garlic, with locally made Eastwind peanut butter and other spices; served over Missouri rice)

Thursday: “pulled goat” in barbeque sauce over rolls (our goat meat, simmered for hours in a homemade barbeque sauce of our tomatoes, hot peppers, & onions; sugar & a homemade spice mix; then hand-shredded and cooked a bit longer before serving in Uprise rolls). Side of green beans and tatsoi (our produce cooked with our onion and garlic, in a bit of chicken broth and balsamic vinegar, topped with Goatsbeard Farm feta cheese)

Friday: Thawed zucchini soup from our freezer over Missouri rice, with leftovers from Thursday.

One thought on “What We Eat: February IV

  1. Have I asked you if you’re making a cookbook? You should! Just reading your food list makes my mouth water! You and your wife are very creative!!