Upcoming project list

With the growing/market season really bearing down on us, we’re working hard to get through a series of desired and necessary infrastructure projects that need to be completed by April (May at the latest) when we will no longer have time for them. These include:

Finishing clearing the orchard so we can plant clover and other cover crops for summer.

Upgrade our barn toward better use as a packing/storage facility, which includes the following in order:
– clean out current contents, including hay and lumber
– run electricity and install lights & outlets (contracted out)
– pour a slab floor in two bays (contracted out)
– possibly replace the aging shingle roof with a metal one, allowing rainwater capture (this may not be done this year)

Upgrade our home animal paddock’s fencing, which includes:
– removing old fencing and posts
– drilling & setting new posts
– installing more-secure welded-wire fencing, capped with hot wire
– build & install stronger cedar gates than the current net gates
– run new power to fencing from electrified barn (trench & lay line)

Build our new prep shed next to the garden, which includes:
– complete design (basically done; look on blog soon)
– mill needed lumber (basically done)
– drill & pour foundation piers
– build it
– reattach garden fencing to shed (needs to be completed before too much starts growing that would attract deer & rabbits

Install new secure fencing around our main vegetable field, which includes:
– clearing new fencelines of scrub and trees (mostly done)
– survey fence lines (done)
– trench fence lines, so fence bottom can be buried (done)
– drill & set posts
– install welded-wire fencing
– build cedar gates
– finish clearing all brush & trees inside fenceline

Finish fencing in several pasture paddocks for more secure goat browsing:
– survey & clear fence lines
– drill & set posts
– string tensioned electric wire
– run power to these & all other fences

Build a small (10′ x 24′) PVC greenhouse in the orchard
– get supplies (done)
– lay out site
– build end walls & erect hoops
– stretch plastic & finish

And so on…not mentioned are increasing time spent starting and maintaining plants indoors & out, dealing with goat kidding at some point in March-April and then milking, and all sorts of other things. But these are the capital improvements you ought to see coming to fruition over the next few months. My goal is to have all this in place in time for not only the real push of the growing season, but for a May farm tour for customers and interested parties.

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