Spring storm recap

As things turned out, we weathered our spring storm pretty well. The whole system seemed to bog down along the Kansas-Missouri line, dumping over 2′ of snow in eastern Kansas and shutting down the Kansas City airport for a while. We settled for 1.5″ of rain on a cold, wet day hovering just over freezing, and a smattering of snow overnight as the weakened storm finally blew through. Our real concern, the temperature, only got as low as 31, so I expect all our plants to do just fine. It got a lot colder south and west of the River; I saw areas around KC at 26 this morning, which will do some damage to newly-emergent vegetation. Just have to wait and see if any reports of significant agricultural damage turn up.

So most of us dodged a bullet there, but we have a ways to go. Spring is still rocketing forward, and it’s entirely possible for another system like this weekend’s to show up over the next few weeks.

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