Review: Blade Runner Sharpening services

With a working farm and a very active kitchen, we have a lot of blades around. We’ve taken variously good care of these over time, and do some rough sharpening of our tools, but nothing very professional or overly respectful to the poor things. So when Corby Roberts stopped me on the sidewalk in downtown Columbia recently, having recognized me from the Columbia Farmers Market, I was primed to be his next customer.

Corby runs a mobile sharpening service, Blade Runner Sharpening, which he operates out of a large truck. The Columbia Tribune recently did an article on the business. He’s focusing on restaurants and private kitchens, but was intrigued by the diverse array of potential sharpening jobs on our farm, and agreed to give it a shot. So last week he drove his truck down into our little valley and parked next to the stream, where I greeted him with a pickup-full of kitchen knives and all sorts of farm tools.

It took him a few hours, but he was able to work with just about everything we threw at him, including all our kitchen knives, shovels, hoes, planting knives, and even two antique scythes I’d picked up at farm auctions. We’ve been using the tools since, and the difference is very noticeable, particularly on the hoes and scythes. He even restored/upgraded the serrations on tools that needed it. I can’t yet assess how long the edges will last, but the initial sharpening was excellent.

The mobile business is a neat idea, and worked great for us. He’s working to establish drop-off points around town and a more reliable location for the truck (he was turned down for membership in the Columbia Farmers Market this year), but in the meantime I’d say he’s worth a call for anything from a few knives to a garage full of gardening tools. Friendly, accomodating, and good work is an excellent combination for any business. Look for the truck around town or just visit the website to make contact. It was definitely worth it for us.

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