Recipe: spiced sweet squash soup

This is a basic desperation soup, something I threw together using what I had on hand in the depths of winter. I often struggle with squash soups, particularly when using frozen squash, as the flavors are tough to get right and the squash often swallows whatever spices are used. This one came out reasonably well, so I’ll share it for inspirational purposes. This was heavily adapted from a Moosewood recipe.

1 quart cooked squash (fresh or frozen)
1 cup onions
2T butter or oil
4 cloves garlic
Fresh ground spice mix, including things like cumin, coriander, cloves, black pepper, hot pepper, mustard, and turmeric
1 cup yogurt or milk
1/4-1/2 cup honey and/or sorghum syrup

Saute the onions & garlic in butter. Add spices, then a little water and simmer a few minutes. Add squash and cook until heated, then puree with an immersion or other blender. Keeping heat low, gently stir in yogurt or milk, then the honey and/or sorghum. Simmer gently as long as needed to allow flavors to blend. The spices provide a background, while the sweeteners balance the potential for squash to be strong or bitter flavored. Serve alone or over rice.

Like many of our recipes, this one is crying out for customization. Adapt to your own tastes and ideas, tasting as you go until you get what you want (that’s how I came up with this particular iteration).

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