Organic certification update

I have partially failed in my earlier goal of posting all our organic certification paperwork as we generated it, but I’d like to accomplish that this spring. Regardless, we finally got the application out the door a few weeks ago, about 3/4 lb of paper plus 60 more pages on CD. We just heard back from our chosen certifier, the non-profit Midwest Organic Services Association, with a letter stating that our application was under review and we’d be hearing from them to set up a farm inspection.

Our impression, from both their letter and a phone call, is that we’re likely to be approved. They didn’t note any serious problems that we would need to address, and so on. The inspection is something we have to be prepared for, as that can make or break your process if you can’t satisfy the inspector of your ability to meet stringent organic standards, but we feel pretty good about it. The entire organic process is an insane amount of work for small, diversified farms, and we don’t know if we’re going to stick with it, but we have to try. Through the spring I’ll try to get back to posting our application files and more information that will help readers appreciate just what organic certification means and why there’s a big difference between someone with the official seal and someone who’s just using the term loosely.

With lettuce set to be transplated tomorrow, and more produce started indoors, market season is coming up fast and we’re looking forward to being one of the few certified vendors at the market.

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