Organic certification – inspection

We’re moving on to the next step in the certification process; the inspection. On April 1, a licensed inspector will visit the farm and spend hours poring over our records, documentation, maps, reciepts, and other files to determine whether the information in our application is correct. He will explore the farm and interview us, assessing whether the on-farm reality matches our statements and claims. Basically, he will attempt to determine whether our management practices and activities allow us to qualify for organic certification. The report generated from this visit goes to our certifying agency, which will make the final determination.

Needless to say, this is a mildly nerve-wracking day to expect, although we’re pretty confident that we meet the requirements. Still, having never done this before, we don’t know quite what to expect. At least the process is moving along. Right now we’re in a bit of limbo, as we’re preparing marketing materials for the year but can’t officially use the O-word or any official seals until we know whether we’ve achieved certification. It will be nice to get an answer so we can get moving on materials and marketing.

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