Memorable Meal: real Italian pasta spread

As I turn this blog back toward food, ingredients, and farming for the growing season, I want to start highlighting specific meals that emphasize some aspect of our food ethic. This Saturday’s dinner, a nice spread of authentic dishes made from scratch, is a great example.

This was Joanna’s doing, and she made the most of it. On the table we have:

Fresh-made pasta (hand-rolled, not machined) topped with:
– Sauce of our tomatoes, garlic, & basil
– Fresh-made goat’s milk ricotta
– Our fresh spinach, shredded
– Grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

Fresh homemade bread (bread flour and Missouri flour), with olive oil for dipping

Spinach salad (our fresh spinach, toasted Missouri pecans, organic raisins, shredded organic carrots, Goatsbeard feta cheese, olive oil & balsamic vinegar)

This all may sound fancy and/or time consuming, but start-to-finish it took Joanna about 2.5 hours, including making the cheese and bread, handrolling the pasta, and everything else. Nothing was done ahead of time. If that sounds like a lot of time for one meal, consider that it’s less than watching a basketball game or the average American’s daily TV intake, and indeed could have been accomplished while doing either of those things if desired.

We thoroughly and leisurely enjoyed this meal, which gave us leftovers for at least another meal. We don’t and can’t spend 2.5 hours every day making dinner, but priorities are priorities: I’d rather cook real food from scratch than almost any other use of disposable time. If you have time to watch TV, you have time to cook.

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