What We Eat: January IV

1/24-1/30: This week’s focus seems to be eating out, with two evening meals off farm (can’t remember the last week that happened) and another meal directly inspired by a restaurant lunch. Also, Saturday and Monday’s meals are the kind of basic yet interesting vegetarian dishes that I wish more establishments (even vegetarian ones) offered, moving away from tofu and mushrooms as the only bases for vegetarian meals and branching out into the wider arena of quality vegetarian cooking.

Saturday: Spiced lentils with rice, pasta, and caramelized onions. (Rice, pasta, and lentils bulk organic, onions & other produce ours)

Sunday: Dinner gathering at a friend’s.

Monday: Garlic white beans with pickled red onions (beans bulk organic, garlic ours, pickled onions homemade from our onions); wheat wraps with hummus, sprouts, and cheese (wraps homemade from Missouri flour, hummus homemade from bulk chickpeas & our garlic, sprouts self-grown, cheese from Goatsbeard).

Tuesday: Leftovers from Monday

Wednesday: Red beans/vegetables and rice (bulk beans, our onion, garlic, okra, green beans, greens – see our recipe posted here); fresh wheat bread (home baked with Missouri flour)

Thursday: Pasta with roasted tomato sauce (our roasted tomatoes, greens, green beans, onions, garlic, basil); wheat bread & our cheddar

Friday: Birthday dinner for a close friend at Bleu in Columbia

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