What We Eat: February III

2/14/09 – 2/20/09: I may have made this point before, but whole chickens (purchased or home-grown) are a fantastic deal. This week, as is generally true, we got at least three full meals out of one bird, not counting the gallon of chicken broth from the carcass that made many more meals of soup. It only takes a few minutes to separate a whole bird into breasts, thighs, wings/legs, and four quarts of broth from the carcass, which are four meals for two people. No matter what kind of chicken you’re buying, that’s a lot cheaper than all those items purchased separately. And, of course, home-grown makes it even better. This week’s bird was our last butchering of the 2008 flock and didn’t disappoint.

Also, you can tell we’re well into February by the abundance of meat in our diet and our blogging. This is the time of year when we enjoy all our meat dishes, because it stores so well and is an excellent bridge through the produce-light months of later winter and spring. Vegetarian readers need not despair; once the growing season gets going, you’ll hardly find mention of meat until fall.

Saturday: Leftover soup from last week with fresh homemade biscuits, side of tomatoes & green beans cooked with pickled onions (all produce ours).

Sunday: Goat sauerbraten with pan gravy over rice (Missouri rice, our goat, plus vinegar & other basic ingredients), sides of sauerkraut (ours, canned from fall) and applesauce (ours, canned from fall)

Monday: Chicken cacciatore (our chicken breasts cooked in a sauce of our tomatoes, onions, garlic, hot pepper, herbs, basil) over bulk organic pasta.

Tuesday: Dinner at Uprise Bakery due to SF&C meeting in town.

Wednesday: Spiced chicken in wheat tortillas (our chicken thighs & onions, bulk spices; tortillas homemade from Missouri flour), very un-matched side of egg-drop soup (our chicken broth with our eggs dropped in)

Thursday: Chicken adobo (our wings & legs marinated & cooked in a Filipino vinegar/soy/garlic/pepper sauce) with a spicy pseudo-Asian hot-and-sour noodle soup (our chicken broth, pearl onions, garlic, hot peppers; bulk noodles, vinegar, soy sauce, and fish sauce)

Friday: Leftover soup from Thursday, tomatoes cooked with leftover adobo sauce over rice (our canned tomatoes, Missouri rice).

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