What We Eat: February I

1/31 – 2/6: This week I want to call attention to all the dried ingredients used. Many folks have heard of dried tomatoes, but we dried all sorts of things last year and have had many uses for them. Dried cherry tomatoes have an intense flavor that works really well in things like couscous. Dried mustard greens have the consistency of fish flakes, but are easy to add to soups and stews and give a nice flavor. Dried green peppers work the same, especially in southern dishes like Wednesday’s Hoppin’ John, where they give a Cajun touch that’s otherwise hard to achieve in February. And, of course, there’s dried herbs, which aren’t as good as fresh but better than not at all.

Saturday: Leftover pasta from last Thursday

Sunday: Friends visiting; souffle with goat cheese (our eggs & dried tomatoes; Goatsbeard cheese), homemade bagels (more on these coming soon)

Monday: Chicken thighs and wings cooked in a mango/citrus sauce over rice (our chicken)

Tuesday: Chicken breast baked with a yogurt/cardamom sauce (our chicken & yogurt plus spices), spiced lentil dal over rice (bulk organic lentils & spices; our onions, garlic, spinach, tomatoes)

Wednesday: Spiced black-eyed peas (bulk organic peas & spices; our onion, garlic, dried mustard greens, dried green peppers, tomatoes), fried okra (our okra, bulk cornmeal – I usually don’t fry in our cornmeal, it’s too precious)

Thursday: Homemade pitas stuffed with slow-roasted goat cubes (our meat marinated and cooked in a spiced yogurt lemon sauce; our yogurt, garlic, dried herbs) and couscous (bulk organic couscous with our dried cherry tomatoes, red onion; Goatsbeard feta)

Friday: Roasted tomato pasta (sauce of our tomatoes & basil over bulk organic penne) with side of fresh Mercuri tomatoes pan-cooked with our green beans and red onion. Also homemade pitas.

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