The growing season has begun

Last week was the official start of the 2009 growing season. We seeded some very early lettuces, as a gamble on decent weather and some early sales. This was also a chance to test our soil blocker, a very nifty little device I need to write more about. Basically, it creates individual cubes of soil into which seeds are sown, using far less soil than larger flats or planting trays and allowing for quicker and easier transplanting. We’ll see how these go.

Above you see the first week’s growth. Today we also seeded 6 flats of onions, which take 6-8 weeks to grow large enough to be transplanted outdoors, and will then continue to grow slowly until sale during the summer. Keep these lead times in mind when you buy this spring and summer; farmers have been working at this far longer than is sometimes remembered.

In any case, it’s both exciting and daunting to have plantings underway. It really starts the clock ticking on the other non-produce projects we have ongoing, such as fencing, construction, logging, and more. Before we’re ready, the season for those things will be done and we’ll be growing full time.

2 thoughts on “The growing season has begun

  1. Last week I seeded 18 Brandywine Tomato plants along with some parsley, some kale and some red peppers. Mainly I wanted to start the Brandywines and just threw in some other seed I had lying around to finish out the flat. I’m already seeing little sprouts, so exciting! I think we have similar weather patterns here in Western KY to what you experience, we’ll be planting outdoors before you know it.