What We Eat: January III

1/17/09 – 1/23/09: We are really starting to draw on our preserved food supplies, with summer/fall items like chutney, sauerkraut, pasta sauce, and more making regular appearances as they come out of the freezer or pantry. Balanced with a few basic bulk items like rice and chickpeas, and a few basic ingredients like soy sauce and spices, we’re still pretty well independant of groceries in the traditional sense. It’s nice, in the dead of winter, to return to summer flavors while still knowing their source and their route to our table.

Saturday: Homemade naan (Indian flatbread) with homemade tomato/apricot chutney (made and preserved in October). Stew of goat, chickpeas, tomatoes, peas, onions, broth, and spices (All ingredients ours save chickpeas and spices).

Sunday: Leftovers from Saturday

Monday: Squash/apple soup (our squash, greens & onions; local apples), sauteed potatoes & saurkraut (our potatoes & sauerkraut), our applesauce.

Tuesday: Columbia Farmers Market membership meeting, met Joanna for dinner at Uprise Bakery.

Wednesday: Fried rice (our onions, sprouts, peas, & eggs; bulk rice) with sugar-braised goat cubes(Filipino recipe using brown sugar, vinegar, soy sauce; our garlic; similar to Adobo).

Thursday: Chevon Bourguignon (goat stew; our meat marinated & braised in Missouri red wine and our herbs, with caramelized pearl onions and more. See recipe link).

Friday: Basic pasta (bulk noodles, our tomato/basil sauce preserved from summer, shredded Goatsbeard cheese) with baguette from Uprise Bakery.

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