What We Eat: January II

1/10/09 – 1/16/09: In this week we demonstrate the efficient and cost-effective use of a whole chicken. The breasts are removed for oven-frying one night, the legs and wings are marinated and cooked in a Filipino sauce another night, and the remaining carcass used as a base for soup a third night. That’s three solid meals for two people (plus leftovers) from one bird. Whether from a store, a local grower, or your own flock , it just makes sense to use whole birds and break them down yourself rather than buy prepackaged parts. Nothing is wasted here but the bones, and even those contributed to the soup before their end. In this case the chicken was from our friends at Pierpont Farms, from whom we bought some last summer for freezing after losing half our own flock to raccoons. Photo below: Monday’s Filipino meal

Saturday: Leftover tortillas and beans from Friday.

Sunday: Oven-fried chicken breasts in cornmeal, with a stew of tomatoes, okra, green beans, and more. All produce ours, chicken from Pierpont Farms.

Monday: Chicken adobo (legs & wings marinated and slow-cooked in vinegar/soy sauce/garlic/pepper broth), fresh tomato/garlic (ours) sofrito over rice, adobo nuts (local pecans baked with an adobo/brown sugar glaze), bibingkang (homemade Filipino coconut rice bars)

Tuesday: Adobo-chicken soup (remaining carcass & meat simmered in leftover adobo broth & water, with onions, dried mustard greens, basic Asian noodles), spiced dal (lentils cooked with spices, our tomatoes/garlic/onions) over rice

Wednesday: Quiche from our eggs/herbs and Goatsbeard cheese with crumb crust from Uprise bread.

Thursday: Leftovers from Tuesday

Friday: Goatburgers on Uprise rolls with homemade mustard/cheese/homemade pickles/sauted red onions, side of over-roasted potato fries (ours).

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