What We Eat: December V

12/27/08 – 1/2/09: As we pass into the New Year, our food supplies are holding up well. Winter naturally brings a higher reliance on bulk goods such as beans and flour that we don’t grow enough of, and certain basic ingredients such as soy sauce and vinegar that we don’t produce. Still, we’re remaining pretty independant from grocery stores and are maintaining our diverse and healthy menus rooted in our own farm-grown and preserved food.

New Year’s Feast: blackeyed peas, fried tomatoes
& okra,
corn griddle cakes

Saturday: Lasagna (homemade noodles & sauce using our produce, cheese) and pasta

Sunday: Forgot to keep records, cannot remember now. May have been a thawed zucchini soup from the freezer.

Monday: Goat Adobo (our meat marinated and cooked in basic Filipino vinegar/garlic/pepper sauce, in this case with dried fruit, our green beans, and rice; our garlic as well) .

Tuesday: Adobo vegetable soup (leftover sauce from Monday, with onions, green beans, spinach, potatoes, all ours), homemade pitas, and Goatsbeard cheese.

Wednesday (New Year’s Eve): Spiced blackeyed peas (onions, garlic, spices, broth), fried green tomatoes & okra, cornbread griddle cakes with honey & sorghum. All produce but peas (bulk organic) ours, cornmeal ours. See photo above.

Thursday: Pasta with homemade sauce (our tomatoes, spinach, basil, garlic), side of homemade couscous.

Friday: Goatburgers. Our ground meat with our tomatoes, spinach, pickles, homemade mustard, topped with good cheddar cheese on an Uprise roll. Side of sweet potato fries (our potatoes).

5 thoughts on “What We Eat: December V

  1. Nothing too creative, just Boulevard Wheat. It’s our standard house beer; we like it so much that we tend to get in a rut stocking it. Sanford would be ashamed of us…

  2. Yes, he probably would be. ;-)One way I cut down on the recycling mess is by getting a kegerator. Now, my beer containers just get a rinse (rather than cleaned, melted down, etc. with glass bottles) and refilled.Problem solved.Now if I could just rig up a solar powered cooling system, I’d really be in business.

  3. No, I got one from Flat Branch before the cranky brewmaster decided selling kegs wasn’t worth the trouble. I told him to charge more (duh), but he deferred. They’re still on the menu though, so maybe he’s had a change of heart.I’ve actually been getting the kegs from Sanford…he has access to many more selections than Hy-Vee or other shops.