Updated farm website

I’ve been meaning to make some changes to our farm website for a while now, and finally got to it Tuesday morning while listening to the Inaugural Proceedings. It’s not a major redesign, but some language and content have been rearranged or added to better represent the farm’s public face.

Changes include:
– Redesigned Growing Information page with new planting maps of all our fields (these are already out of date but will be redone when our seed orders are finished). Intend to post all seed varieties we’re growing this year, along with their source, when the order is finished.

– Reworded Front Page to better capture the philosophical focus of the farm

– Removed Natural History page and rebuilt it into a new Explore the Farm page, which tours many aspects of our current and future diversified operation.

– Redesigned and simplified the Food & Cooking page, which was a bit unruly before. Consolodated the previous brain dumps on cooking philosophy into a shorter and more coherent statement, and started to include links to recipes from the blog rather than posting them separately here.

Perhaps most exciting for us, I finally began to put up the first parts of our Landscape Change photography series, in which we’ve established photo points around the farm and taken regular 360 panoramas to document seasons and farm work. We have close to 30 of these points, but will only post a few online for reasons of server space. The first two are up as part of the Explore the Farm section; click the Changes tab at the top of the page or follow this direct link.

I want to write a more complete post on this project soon, but at least go enjoy the preliminary results at the links above. And as always, feedback is welcome. If you don’t see something you want to know, have questions about what’s there, or criticism of the content, I’m happy to listen and answer.

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