What We Eat: December III

12/13 – 12-19: This was the week Eric was gone in North Carolina, so Joanna was left to handle both the farm and her job. With one person, simple meals from basic ingredients can stretch a long way, and still be quite enjoyable. We consider leftovers to be a sign of quality; they are usually our lunch the next day, but with one person they become the next night’s dinner as well.

Saturday: Red lentil dal with our Mercuri tomatoes and kale.

Sunday: Leftover potato soup, homemade pitas

Monday: Homemade pitas, falafel, and tahini sauce

Tuesday: Homemade pitas stuffed with spiced black beans and ground goat, tomatoes & kale, and Goatsbeard feta.

Wednesday: Leftovers from Tuesday.

Thursday: Souffle with Goatsbeard cheese, our kale, oregano, and eggs.

Friday: Leftovers from Thursday

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