What We Eat: December II

Posted late due to outside events.

12/6/08 – 12/13/08:

Saturday: Chert Hollow beans and greens.

Sunday: Indian curried potato wrap with peas and Mercuri tomatoes (recipe from Moosewood New Classics). Goat tenderloin in red wine marinade. Potatoes from Joanna’s parents.

Monday: Lentil soup. Cabbage salad with apple. Potatoes and cabbage from Joanna’s parents.

Tuesday: Potato leek soup and Chilean potato omelette with fresh salsa.

Wednesday: Spiced beans and goat in wheat tortillas with salsa and cheese.

Thursday: Potato leek soup; squash with raisins and Missouri pecans.

Friday: Goat burger on Uprise Bakery roll with Mercuri tomatoes and Goatsbeard Farm feta. Squash with raisins and Missouri pecans.

One thought on “What We Eat: December II

  1. You guys manage to feed yourselves quite well during the winter. I wish I had been a little more prepared for it though, this is my first year of really trying to eat as locally as possible and I didn’t get started on the preservation and freezing until quite late – we also have a limited amount of space too, but we do the best we can.I am really interested in your Chilean potato omelette. Do you have a recipe you use for it?