What We Eat: December I

11/29/08 – 12/5/08: We’re finally feeling the need to dip into our winter food supplies in freezer and jars, with things like green beans and peas reappearing. This week is also a good example of using and reusing all parts of a meal. Saturday is a classic post-Thanksgiving meal using many leftovers in new ways. Sunday’s squash was left over from making pumpkin pie, and the addition of a few spices and so on makes it a new dish. Monday re-uses the Adobo sauce left over from marinating and cooking last Wednesday’s chicken, now infusing the rice with flavor and resulting in a tasty fried rice dish with little work. And, though it doesn’t show up in this series, lunches all week were easy leftovers from these and the past week’s meals. No need to buy extra food for making lunches; if it was worth eating once, it’s worth eating again.

Saturday: Shepherd’s pie, see above (leftover goose meat, gravy, potatoes, green beans, peas, and more baked with cheese and butter). Everything ours except butter, and potatoes from Joanna’s parents. Also, goose-vegetable soup (goose broth, onion, garlic, paprika, mustard/kale/collard greens, peas, ourple potatoes, noodles). Everything ours except spices and noodles.

Sunday: Hummus sandwiches on rolls (homemade hummus, homemade rolls, homemade mustard, our greens), salad, spiced winter squash with raisins and nuts. Squash from Joanna’s parents.

Monday: Adobo fried rice. Rice cooked in Filipino adobo sauce (vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, black pepper, bay leaf), then stir-fried with shredded goose meat, leeks, and greens.

Tuesday: Eric in town for SF&C meeting, met Joanna and others at Main Squeeze for dinner.

Wednesday: Joanna’s self-prepared birthday dinner. Calzone from homemade crust, our own ricotta (frozen from summer), garlic. Pizza from homemade crust, one with potatoes and leeks, the other with fresh-made tomato sauce (from our heirloom Italian winter tomatoes) and cheese (ours and Goatsbeard’s).

Thursday: Grilled hummus & cheese sandwiches, leftover goose-vegetable soup. Bread from Uprise Bakery, cheese ours & Goatsbeard’s, hummus homemade.

Friday: Went into Columbia for an evening contra dance, ate out at Main Squeeze.

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