What We Eat: October V

10/25/08-10/31/08: During this week, we were dealing with piles of fresh produce harvested in anticipation of the hard killing frost we recieved on Monday. This included lots of green peppers, tomatoes, and shelling beans. Most of our greens will survive frosts just fine, and we expect to have fresh kale and so on for a long time. We are about to start breaking into the winter food stores, however, now that the growing season is truly over. For example, I cracked the first wheel of our aged cheddar this week, and the use of items like dried beans and rice will start to rise.

Saturday: I forgot to write this meal down, and for the life of me, cannot remember what it was a week later. Oh well.

Sunday: Leftover pancit, with homemade naan (Indian flatbread) and green tomato/apricot chutney.

Monday: Roasted tomato soup with garlic & beans over orzo. Tomatoes, garlic, and freshly shelled beans ours. Side of green salad, all ours.

Tuesday: Roasted turnip/potato & apple soup with cheddar. Produce ours, apples from Fertile Crescent Farms, cheddar ours (aged from this summer).

Wednesday: Frittata: eggs, kale, tomatoes, cheese, onions, garlic, etc. All produce & eggs ours, cheese ours (aged cheddar) and from Goatsbeard Farm.

Thursday: Went into Columbia to attend a 40,000-strong Obama rally. Ate dinner at Uprise Bakery.

Friday: Spiced black-eyed peas with ground goat, served over rice with melted cheddar. Sides of fried green tomatoes, sauteed mixed greens (kale, collards, mustard) w/ tomato vinegar, fresh cabbage/pepper slaw. All produce ours except peas (organic bulk) & rice (organic bulk), cheese ours, meat ours.

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