What We Eat: November III

11/15/08-11/21/08: If it wasn’t clear before, it’ll be clear after reading this week’s menu: we aren’t much for pairing appropriate dishes. It makes a lot of sense, but in practice we’re far more likely to make several disparate dishes that all work together well in the kitchen with what’s on hand than to plan ahead of time to coordinate all the aspects of the meal. We’d be the death of anyone trying to pair wines with our meals. It works for us, though occasionally there are some really strange pairings like this week’s leek&cheese galettes next to fried green tomatoes, or Lebanese soup with baked beans. Think of it as a localized tapas menu.

Saturday (above): Leek & cheese galettes (sauteed leeks with local cheese, baked in a homemade pastry crust), sauteed greens, fried green tomatoes. Tasty, if not entirely complementary.

Sunday (above): Goatburgers on homemade rolls with homemade mustard, homemade pickled radish relish, our greens, and our cheddar. Side of green salad and sweet potato fries. Oh, were these good, especially washed down with a good Kansas City wheat beer.

Monday: Freezer-cleaning Lebanese-inspired soup (onion, garlic, meat, chickpeas, spices, tomato-basil sauce, potatoes, etc. ), side of homemade sorghum baked beans.

Tuesday: Curried squash-apple-sweet potato soup, side of cornbread. Everything ours but locally-sourced apples.

Wednesday: Black beans with cilantro-almond pesto. Only cilantro ours (we’re slipping!).

Thursday: We hosted last-minute out-of-state guests for dinner, but wanted to make a full Missouri-on farm meal. Four courses: medallions of goat slow-cooked in a red wine-juniper berry sauce, sweet potato fries, fresh cornbread, green salad. All meat and produce ours, cornmeal fresh-ground that evening, red wine from Missouri.

Friday: Pancit (Filipino noodles): onion, garlic, potatoes, carrots, celariac, goat broth, goat meat, soy sauce, fish sauce, black pepper. All ingredients except noodles and sauces ours. Read full recipe here.

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