What We Eat: November II

11/08/08-11/14/08: We butchered a kid on Sunday, leading to several tasty meals using the fresh meat, and the use of fresh goat broth through the rest of the week (boiling down the bones salvages whatever meat couldn’t be trimmed, and generates a thick and flavorful liquid). Hence I’ve noted two meals for Sunday, a day we spent butchering, trimming, and freezing meat. Otherwise it was a very fall/winter week, heavy on greens, beans, potatoes, apples, and other items that are either still fresh in the garden or store well. We have yet to start dipping into our frozen/canned food supplies, except for a few items like frozen fruit, but even that is not being used much as long as our apples are still available (we have a large batch of local apples stored in one of our produce coolers at optimum tempurature, where they’ll keep for a long time). Green tomatoes are still available to us because we have many, many pounds of pre-frost salvage from our Italian winter tomato plants that store very well and are happily sitting on a shelf ripening ever so slowly (more on those soon).

Saturday: Leftover squash & leek lasagna from Friday, green salad (tat soi, mizuna, apples, raisins, nuts, cheese).

Sunday: (lunch) Fresh tenderloins baked with onions, garlic, and sweet potatoes. Everything ours.

Sunday: (dinner) Mashed potatoes topped with fresh liver stew/gravy, mixed greens sauteed with tomato vinegar. All meat and produce ours.

Monday: Spiced black beans & cilantro with cheese, lentil dal with kale, fresh cabbage slaw. Everything but lentils ours.

Tuesday: Roasted green tomatoes, potatoes, and onions served over pasta with sides of cabbage slaw and maple-oat bread. Veggies ours, pasta & bread ingredients purchased in bulk.

Wednesday: Creamy potato-leek soup, sauteed mixed greens. Everything ours but the soup’s whole milk (from Green Hills Harvest).

Thursday: Eric away at meeting, Joanna made bean & greens wraps with homemade wheat wraps and cheese. Everything ours but wrap ingredients (bulk).

Friday: Cuban bean soup (onions, garlic, mixed beans, honey, ground mustard, cilantro, goat broth), cornbread, bourbon-apple-pecan pie. Honey from Walkabout Acres, mustard bulk spice, apples & pecans sourced locally, as was the wheat flour in the pie crust (more on that soon).

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  1. Thanks, Amy, we do what we can…Next year we’re looking at the possibility of doing one or more on-farm events for customers to visit and enjoy farm-fresh food. The biggest problem is the labyrinth of health regulations designed to protect you from dangerous farmers out to poison you with fresh cheese and so on.