What We Eat: October I

9/27/08 – 10/3/08: Nothing really insightful about this week’s menu, just another nice stretch of diverse meals featuring fresh summer and fall vegetables. Now that we’ve been doing this series for a bit, I’m really pleased with it, because it’s making such a clear example of the diversity and possibility that local foods offer. Although we’re growing most of this ourselves, which is obviously not possible for everyone, there’s almost nothing in our menu that couldn’t be easily achieved through the Farmers Market instead. It’s going to be really fun to track the seasonal changes into the fall and winter as we start dipping into our pantry rather than our fields.

Saturday: Fresh tomato pasta (raw tomatoes, garlic, onions, herbs, diced over pasta) with feta cheese. Side of fennel salad. Everything our own except pasta (organic bulk) and cheese (from Goatsbeard Farm)

Sunday: Jamabalaya over rice (okra, tomatoes, green beans, bell pepper, onion), with side of green salad (tat soi, mustard greens, tomatoes, peppers). Everything ours except rice (from Martin Rice).

Monday: Spiced blackeyed peas with tomatoes and green beans, sides of fried okra, green salad (see photo, above). Everything ours but the peas (organic bulk) and the okra’s cornmeal (we hadn’t finished drying our corn yet). We had lots of dried beans and peas planted this year, but they were a casualty of the wet conditions.

Tuesday: Chicken-vegetable soup (potatoes, tomatoes, greens) Uprise Bakery rolls, green salad. All meat and veggies ours.

Wednesday: Fresh gazpacho (tomatoes, onions, garlic, cucumber, herbs) with Joanna’s cucumber salad (another recipe I need to post). Everything ours.

Thursday: Fennell-cheese quiche, a new recipe for us. Butter-based crust lined with sauteed vegetables (fennel, onion, tomatoes) and topped with crumbled cheddar cheese (ours) and a custard of eggs, tomatoes, and feta cheese. All veggies ours, feta cheese from Goatsbeard. Crust from off-farm ingredients. This was a very, very tasty quiche, though I think the recipe overdid the cheese with relation to the fennell. Maybe the writer used store cheese rather than the more intense farmstead and local dairy cheese.

Friday: Curry-tomato sofrito over Chinese noodles (tomatoes, curry paste, onions, garlic, soy sauce). Side of stir-fried vegetables (pac choi, radishes, green beans) over rice with a basic Lumpiang sauce (soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper, brown sugar, flour, garlic). Filipino menus like this one work really well on Fridays, as we can use up lots of greens and vegetables that were harvested for market but don’t make the cut for sale.

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