What We Eat: September IV

9/20/08-9/26/08: As promised, we butchered several more chickens this week. Below is the vegetarian-unfriendly image of Joanna getting ready to start dinner. This rooster was especially pretty and we’d hoped to keep him, but he had a very bad disposition and had developed the nasty habit of sneaking up behind people and attacking them. A large rooster in mid-flight colliding with your back, beak and spurs striking, is not pleasant. Off with his head!

Otherwise, we’re still enjoying the bounty of fresh produce in September, when most of the summer items are still available but fall is creeping in. Friday’s stir fry is a great example of this; we harvested our first fall radishes for market that day, as well as heads of pac choi, and saved some of the less marketable ones for a delicious but easy meal.

Saturday: Spent the evening representing the Farmers Market at the Rocheport Wine Stroll. I’ll be writing more about this sometime this week. Dinner was whatever snatches of salad and other foods I could grab. Joanna toured the event and enjoyed the diverse food samples available.

Sunday: Fresh fish from Troutdale Farm (a market vendor), stuffed with lime and parsley and broiled. Served over rice with Greek salad on the side.

Monday: Fresh pasta with tomatoes, feta, herbs, capers, and garlic. Homemade foccaccia on the side.

Tuesday: Potato and greens hash: Our own purple potatoes cooked with fresh greens, tomatoes, and vinegar. An early preview of one of our favorite fall/winter dishes.

Wednesday: Roasted chicken (ours) with sage & parsley, stuffed with an apple-walnut stuffing. Side of jambalaya and rice.

Thursday: Roasted tomato soup (based on this recipe recommended by a friend) with a side of fresh cucumber/dill salad (another recipe I need to post).

Friday: Stir fry with fresh pac choi, radishes, greens, onions, and garlic, with leftover chicken. Served with a sauce of lemongrass (ours), soy sauce, sushi vinegar, and fish sauce.

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  1. I really enjoy reading about your farm. I am a natural resources student and I appreciate your farming practices and the understanding you have about the environment.