What We Eat – September III

9/13/08-9/19/08: Chicken returns to the menu for the first time since late August. What chicken we do eat has traditionally come from our friends Angela and Rob at Pierpont Farms, who raise excellent free-range birds that customers reserve ahead of time and pick up on a set date. Though we’ve been providing more of our own this year through culling of our roosters, we still reserved a few through Pierpont to round out the larder. We use the entire bird, making broth from the carcass, so that when chicken does appear it sticks around in the menu for a few days. We had initially intended to freeze our Pierpont birds last week and cull two more of our own, but Hurricane Ike nixed the home butchering. We finally did two more roosters yesterday and you’ll see those birds show up in the coming week’s menu.

Fresh vegetable & herb Minestrone with purple potatoes

Saturday: Spiced blackeyed peas with tomatoes, Missouri rice, and cheese. Side of skillet greens (mustard, collards, kale) with garlic, vinegar, and organic bacon from JJR Farms.

Sunday: Chicken adobo (Filipino marinated chicken) with stir-fried greens (tat soi, pac choi, others) and Missouri rice. Chicken from Pierpont Farms.

Monday: Homemade flour tortillas, fresh tomato/apple salsa, spiced black beans, cheese, shredded Pierpont chicken.

Tuesday: Eric had meeting in evening, both of us joined friends for dinner at Main Squeeze.

Wednesday: Eric had meeting in evening, ate at Uprise Bakery. Joanna made fresh foccacia to go with a spiced Indian tomato soup made earlier in the day.

Thursday: Chickpea/tomato/potato stew, made with freshly dug purple fingerling potatoes. Side of Greek salad and skillet greens.

Friday: Minestrone soup (Our onions, garlic, tomatoes, green beans, squash, potatoes, and more).

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