What We Eat – September II

9/6/08-9/12/08: A wide spread of ethnic dishes this week demonstrates the value of having lots of resources to draw from in using similar seasonal produce for very different outcomes. We tend to lean heavily on cookbooks such as the Moosewood series that focus on diverse uses for basic ingredients, rather than a single culture or cooking method. This makes it easy to keep meals diverse and interesting regardless of season and produce quantities. A case in point is Italian pasta and Filipino sofrito, both of which start with similar ingredients but go in very different directions to produce unique meals (ironically, neither of these meals came from a Moosewood recipe).

Saturday: Pasta topped with fresh chopped tomatoes, basil, parsley, oregano, & chives (all produce ours)

Sunday: Potato pancakes & fresh applesauce (potatoes from Joanna’s parents, apples from neighbor’s trees, onions & more ours). A good German meal.

Monday: Special birthday dinner out at Sycamore Restaraunt. Didn’t record the meal, but Sycamore makes a point of using locally sourced ingredients and is one of our top dining choices in Columbia.

Tuesday: Vegetable pot pie (potatoes from Joanna’s parents, mushrooms from Sunrise Shiitake, our onion, garlic, green beans; homemade biscuit topping) and Greek salad.

Wednesday: Basic Filipino sofrito (baked sauce of our cherry tomatoes, garlic, onion, plus curry paste & ginger) served over egg noodles with garlic fried Missouri rice on the side.

Thursday: Zucchini soup (see link for recipe) served over rice, and Greek salad.

Friday: Pasta with tomato sauce (our tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil) and Greek salad.

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