What We Eat – September I

8/30/08-9/5/08: Meals this past week reflect the transition of seasons, as well as the cool weather. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and more are still available to us, but fall greens like kale, mustard, and tat soi make their first appearance. Green salads are back on the menu for the first time since May. I’ll be writing more about these greens later in the week, and their uses both raw and cooked. We had a special treat for Labor Day, firing up some coals and grilling goat ribs as part of a full southern meal.

Saturday: Sandwiches (Uprise bread, Goatsbeard cheese, our greens, cucumbers, & tomatoes) and fresh sweet corn

Sunday: Leftover tabbouleh from Friday

Monday: Grilled goat ribs w/ homemade barbeque sauce, spiced blackeyed peas, fried fresh okra, skillet greens (mustard, kale, tat soi, mizuna) with garlic & vinegar

Tuesday: Baked ribs (unused from Monday) w/ homemade barbeque sauce, fried fresh okra, green salad (garden greens, cucumber, tomato)

Wednesday: Dal (spiced Indian lentils) w/ our onion, garlic, greens, & tomatoes, served over Missouri rice.

Thursday: Chili (our onions, garlic, green pepper, hot pepper, corn, tomatoes, purchased kidney beans, assorted spices) served over Missouri rice.

Friday: Leftover chili & dal, fresh green salad (garden greens, cucumber, tomato).

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