Recipe: zucchini soup

Looking for a new way to use that ubiquitous summer vegetable? Our zucchini soup is reminiscent of a fresh split pea soup, with a mild but complex flavor that goes well with many things. Plus, it freezes very well, so it can be made in large batches and pulled out all winter long for a quick taste of summer. The photo above shows ingredients for a double batch, but the recipe stated below is for a single batch that will produce several servings and a bit to freeze. We like the double batch because it takes about the same time and produces lots of future “instant” meals. As a final benefit, this recipe works well with the overgrown “baseball bat” zucchini that are so often available and difficult to use for other recipes that require a higher-quality squash.

-Olive oil
-2 medium onions
-2-3 cloves garlic
-1-2 potatoes
-2-3 cups water or veggie/meat broth*
-2-6 med-large zucchini or other summer squash
-several sprigs parsley
-up to 1/4 cup basil
-Juice of 1 lemon (optional)
-several strips bacon (optional; we used local organic bacon from JJR Family Farm)**
-Hard cheese for grating (real Parmesan works well, as does Goatsbeard Farm’s Walloon)
-2-4 Tbl toasted pine nuts

-Heat oil in a large soup pot, and saute chopped onions & garlic
-Add finely chopped potatoes and broth/water; bring to a boil
-Simmer five minutes, then add chopped squash, herbs, and lemon
-Simmer until all vegetables are tender, then puree soup to desired consistency.
-Add salt & pepper to taste. Don’t overdo the salt if planning to top with cheese. Freeze any remnants not served fresh.

Serve over quality rice to add more heft, or as straight soup. Top with grated hard cheese and toasted pine nuts.

*If using lots of herbs and/or bacon, broth may not be necessary, but it does add more flavor.
** Bacon adds a nice touch of flavor, but this soup is easily made vegetarian by leaving out the meat broth and bacon and using a richly-flavored vegetable broth.

One thought on “Recipe: zucchini soup

  1. Eric, I heartily recommend you give bacon-makin’ a shot. Have the JJR folks get you a pork belly, throw it in a plastic bag with some salt, herbs and garlic and refrigerate it for a week. It’s awesome. This soup sounds awesome too. I’ll give it a shot.