Ike floods

As a climax to an incredibly wet year, most of Missouri was absolutely drenched over the last few days by a combination of Tropical Storm Lowell, a strong cold front, and Hurricane Ike. Here we got at least 6″ overall, falling on fully saturated ground. It would have been much worse, but Ike raced through overnight on Saturday far faster than anticipated, with the rain tapering off by dawn that was originally expected to last through Sunday. Still, it produced widespread flooding around the region and created the largest floods we’ve seen yet. Above you see our low-water crossing. This water level is pre-Ike; we got another 4.5″ on top of the rain that caused this. Ike came through overnight, though, and the water had already begun to drop on our little tributary by dawn, so this is the highest photo we have. It got higher, though, as the debris and bank conditions clearly demonstrated.

These last two photos show our road just to the north, where it crosses Silver Fork Creek. That bridge is normally something like 10′ above the water. It’s a very good thing Ike raced through, because a few more inches of rain on Sunday would probably have threatened this bridge, especially with those logs jammed up against it. You can see that the water is already breaking on the girders. Beyond the bridge, you see the floodwaters racing over the road; check the speed limit sign on the left for a depth reference.

Just a punctuation mark on a long, long sentence of wet weather this year.

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