Charismatic Critter of the Week – August 18

Meet the caterpillar of the Cecropia Moth. This fellow was found on one of our wild plum trees, a common habitat. A member of the Saturniidae family of giant moths, these can become a moth with a hand-sized wingspan. Click on the photos to enlarge, and to enjoy closeup views of the mouth and spines. Although he eats like a machine, there aren’t enough of them to really be pests, so he remains in the wonderful realm of fantastic creatures. Right now he’s residing on a stick in a large yogurt container, where he rapidly devours plum leaves and drops turds the size of blueberries. (I have no idea what gender this is, but “it” just doesn’t do justice.)

Another benefit we find to farming is the sheer amount of time we spend outdoors in varied habitats, giving us the opportunity to run across rare but fascinating things like this. As the title of this post suggests, I’m hoping to make this a regular feature; I have a nice backlog of good fauna photos to draw from.

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