Bird list & natural events, July 2014

July was extraordinarily cool, especially as compared to the blast furnace of 2012. As pleasant as the working conditions were, it was also quite dry (less than 1/3 average rainfall) and we’re quickly re-entering the drought conditions that so worried us earlier in the year. You can clearly see this in the annual precip graph for Columbia, maintained by NWS, which shows how we’ve flirted with drought all year (other than one dousing in early April) and are now something like 4″ under average since the rain shut off in early July. We can see the vegetation transitioning to that yellow-tinged hue of dry summers, and the ground is rock-hard with cracks showing through. Still, a lot of neat things were happening in our ecosystem, as this month’s photos document. Continue reading

CBC Radio interview on Right To Farm

Missouri’s Amendment 1 is getting international attention. Midday Monday, just as we prepared for lunch after packing CSA shares for afternoon delivery , we received a call from the producer of the CBC Radio show As It Happens, a “national evening radio-current affairs program”. They were interested on doing a story about Right To Farm, had found our Op/Ed piece in July 27′s Columbia Tribune, and wanted to interview us. So our afternoon deliveries were temporarily postponed while Eric talked to the show’s host. The ~7 minute segment aired Monday evening, and can be found in their August 4th podcast, starting at around the 18:45 mark. Give it a listen, we think it came out reasonably well.

Vote NO, eh!

2014 CSA distribution #13

The weather this summer has been more pleasant than we could reasonably expect, and as we head into August, the Climate Prediction Center continues to forecast below normal temperatures. No complaints here, though it may slow down the crops such as okra and eggplant that thrive in heat. Sure makes our lives easier for getting fall crops established, though. Some rain would be nice, as it has now been more than 3 weeks since we’ve had an amount that meant anything.  Continue reading

2014 CSA distribution #12

Another week, more tasty & abundant produce. Tuesday’s oppressive conditions were a worthwhile reminder of how nice the weather’s been this year, when a day like that is the extreme rather than the norm. Peppers & tomatoes continue to look really nice and appear to be on the verge of serious production. The repeated rounds of much-below-normal temperatures this year make us wonder whether the warm-season crops will be cut short by earlier-than-usual frost (in, say, September), so enjoy them while you can.

In other news, look for an Op-Ed piece from us in Sunday’s Columbia Tribune on the upcoming Right To Farm amendment vote. We’ve spent a while wrestling with how to present our complex feelings on the subject, and hope the result gets our message across. Please vote NO on the “Right to Farm” amendment.

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2014 CSA distribution #10

The garlic harvest is in! This is always a major pulse of work at the height of long summer days, and we’re thrilled to have it done and looking so good. Garlic was an important crop for us during our market days, and we still grow lots of varieties in quantities that will be ample for the CSA. 2012 and 2013 were dreadful years for garlic, but we now seem to be back on track. We are planning to include garlic in every distribution from now until the end of the season. Please see our garlic page for more information about the various varieties we grow, seen here hanging in our barn to cure properly. 2014_share10_1

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