2014 CSA distribution #12

Another week, more tasty & abundant produce. Tuesday’s oppressive conditions were a worthwhile reminder of how nice the weather’s been this year, when a day like that is the extreme rather than the norm. Peppers & tomatoes continue to look really nice and appear to be on the verge of serious production. The repeated rounds of much-below-normal temperatures this year make us wonder whether the warm-season crops will be cut short by earlier-than-usual frost (in, say, September), so enjoy them while you can.

In other news, look for an Op-Ed piece from us in Sunday’s Columbia Tribune on the upcoming Right To Farm amendment vote. We’ve spent a while wrestling with how to present our complex feelings on the subject, and hope the result gets our message across. Please vote NO on the “Right to Farm” amendment.

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2014 CSA distribution #10

The garlic harvest is in! This is always a major pulse of work at the height of long summer days, and we’re thrilled to have it done and looking so good. Garlic was an important crop for us during our market days, and we still grow lots of varieties in quantities that will be ample for the CSA. 2012 and 2013 were dreadful years for garlic, but we now seem to be back on track. We are planning to include garlic in every distribution from now until the end of the season. Please see our garlic page for more information about the various varieties we grow, seen here hanging in our barn to cure properly. 2014_share10_1

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Bird list & natural events, June 2014

June was a month of glorious weather, the temperatures comfortably average and the rainfall just right. We will need to remind ourselves of just how pleasant this stretch was, when the true heat of summer arrives. How often does it actually rain about once a week and roughly an inch +/- at a time? Only quibble was with the timing, which often made it too wet for our Sunday morning crew to help with hoeing. Both crops and weeds grew very well, so we were quite busy. We did, however, take a little time for photography, so there are lots of pictures this month.

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2014 CSA distrubution #9

We’re working on plans for a few more farm events. More details coming, but here’s a first preview:

Tasting in the field: wander farm, tasting fresh produce from the plants, BYOB, possibly with live dulcimer/fiddle music. Friday 8/15, 7 p.m. until dark.
Member potluck: enjoy the significant cooking skills of our members, a success the past few years. Saturday 9/27, noon.
Share-cooking demonstration for summer items, similar to this event. Contact us if interested and we’ll schedule it.
Farm inspection for members (to replace organic inspection). Contact us if interested and we’ll schedule it. It would be especially neat to have someone write up their experience for other members, to share the inspection results with everyone. Continue reading

2014 CSA distrubution #8

Another week, another busy stretch. Garlic harvest is about to start in earnest, let us know if you wish to take part in this interesting but time-consuming task over the next few weeks, in exchange for some extra heads. We have harvested the first two varieties so far, and all the signs are pointing towards an excellent garlic year…a very big relief after two sub-standard garlic years.

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Using share #6 (in an hour!)

This weekend we hosted a fun event, inspired by this earlier post, to demonstrate easy & tasty ways of preparing an early-summer full share. With our two attending households, we walked the fields on a beautiful afternoon and harvested the share’s contents together, a great chance for kids to get their hands on the source of their food. Then we laid the contents out on a table, took a photo, and after a brief discussion, dove into the cooking. The time stamps on the photos show that exactly 63 minutes after arranging the fresh share on the table, with an attentive audience, we’d prepared everything in the share into a diverse and tasty set of dishes that we enjoyed together. If the two of us can prepare a whole share in an hour, so can you! using_share6_2Harvesting the share on a glorious June afternoon. Continue reading

2014 CSA distribution #6

We’re enjoying the days with highs in the 70s in mid-June, and the soil moisture has been nicely recharged for now. However, the weeds are growing like mad, and the crops would like to see some sun before damp conditions cause disease to take hold. A well-timed WWOOFer (farm-stay visitor) is helping us this week, meaning that we have high hopes of getting caught up on weeding & more.

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Farm-to-table event: using early summer shares & cheesemaking

Given the positive response to May’s “Using share #2′s spring vegetables” post, we’re going to do it again with a twist. Next week’s share #6 will mark the transition to early summer vegetables, replacing spring items with¬† beets, cabbage, chard, & kohlrabi. This Saturday, we’re going to host a “how to use your share” cooking event on the farm, assembling a full share #6 and preparing the whole share together with attendees to demonstrate various ways of using these ingredients and our diverse herbs. We’ll also demonstrate the making of ricotta cheese, the easiest way to use our fresh goat’s milk. When everything’s ready, we’ll enjoy a fun tasting meal with whomever attends. This is a great chance for members to learn more about the produce in their shares and how to use it. Continue reading